Visions of the Future

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Visions of the Future


Surely, we all have different dreams of what the future should be like.

Some of those dreams seem  more feasile, while others could be considered totally unbelievable, impractical or extravagant. So it’s good to find an expert, a reputed scientist who throws some  light on what’s going on in the science labs around the world and brings us a showcase of the next inventions humankind will create.

Listen to Professor Michio Kaku telling what the world be like in about 20 years.


Passive voice

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Passive Voicecloudbubble46

When speaking about technology, we often give more emphasis to the invention or the discovery than to the person who made it. So we end up using Passive Voice quite frequently. Another situation is when we want to be impersonal. Look at this example:


Which of these sentences would you probably read on the screen of your computer?

Basically, the passive form has  three basic elements:

 be  + past participle +  by…agent

as you can see in this example:


Click here to review the PPT presentation you saw in the class Passive_10ºano

You can also try this interactive exercise, Passives, by princeza

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MY DREAM HOMEdream home

Everyone has a dream. It can be about your family, your career, about travelling or simply possessions.

Technology has allowed many dreams come true, but it has also created many others that are still unfulfilled. One that we all share is about our homes. We all have an idea of the house we would like to have. So tell us, what would the home of your dreams be like?

Leave your comment or text.

P.S. – You can also listen to some suggestions if you go to the listening page and click on dream house.

Celebrating technology

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Are you mad about technology? Do you know all about bits and bytes, bolts and nuts, machines and gadgets?  Why don’t you put yourself to test by clicking on this page?             Guess the invention



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