Conditional clauses

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If Clauses

Conditional sentences are statements that express the ifreal or hypothetical implications or consequences of a given fact, intention or supposition.

They are composed of 2 parts, the dependent clause, with if, which expresses the condition, and the main clause, which tells us about the consequence.

You can have many different types depending on the degree of probability they express.

Look at the cartoon below.









As for the types of conditionals, there are four main types.


Types of conditional clauses









Although they use different verb tenses, type 0, 1 and 2  relate to the present or future and only type 3 refers to a past situation.

Find here the presentation we worked with in class. Conditional Clauses_10ºano

To check your knowledge use the following exercises.

Conditionals I

Conditionals II

If clauses often find their way into songs. Besides the one we’ve heard in class by Bruno Mars, this one below is also quite well known.



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