Used to vs be used to

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Used to vs be/get used tousedto


Despite the similarity,  these phrases have similar meanings and uses.


Used to + infinitive – refers to past habits which are no longer true.

Be used to or get used to  + gerund  – refer to something you have become accustomed to (past, present or future).


Ex: In the 1950’s computers used to be big and heavy. Meanwhile we got used to carrying around our light-weight laptops, tablets or even smart phones. Soon we will get used to having our computers in our wristwatches or in our glasses.

As used to is a phrase in the past, we have to use “did” and “didn’t” as auxiliares in the interrogative and negative sentences.

Ex: When I was a child, I didn’t use to have a computer in my room. Did you use to have one?

As for be or get used to, it depends on the verb  and verb tense you are using. Look:

My mother isn’t used to making phone calls on her new smart phone. old-lady-using-new-flip-phone-e1438128281808She didn’t get used to it. (Past)

Will she get used to her flip phone? (Future)

She will not get used to it. She is used to  her old mobile. (Future/Present)


Pay attention to this presentation:


A few links to practise:

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To brighten up your work, listen to the song. It’s connected with one of the items we’ve just mentioned. Which one?









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