Our world

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world-back-colour-medium_1Our world

Scientists think that the Earth is 4.54 billion years old, which means that the planet has gone through a lot of transformations to become the world we know today.

Humankind is much younger (some say just 200,000 years old) yet we are leaving a huge footprint. Population growth, progress  and consumerism are having strong impact on our home, planet Earth, and problably changing its living conditions forever.

Our world is being affected in several ways. Look at the picture below↓:


Can you identify the problems above↑ (clockwise)?


  1. F_ _D     SH_ RT_ G
  2. GL _B _L    W _ RM_ N G
  3. G R_ _ NH _US _     _ F F_ C T
  4. _Z_ N_   L _Y_ R    D _PL_ T_ _N
  5. W_ T_ R    S H_ R T_ G_
  6. S _ _L     C_N T_ M_ N_ T_ _N
  7. _ X T_ N C T_ _ N
  8. W_S T _  D_ S P_ S _ L


To train your listening skills and simultaneously revise vocabulary, try this link and do the exercises proposed there.

Listening and vocabulary review exercise  Click on listen-optionalthe audio file and complete the text.



How about possible solutions? Have you thought of any?

Watch the video and list down some of the tips they offer.

  • At home:
  • While shopping:
  • While travelling:


Try this exercise with some of the vocabulary you’ve just listened to.

Click here. go_green_stamps


Why not call your Mayor’s attention to local problems?


  • Say who you are;
  • What the problem is and why that disturbs you;
  • Don’t forget to suggest a few measures to be taken by the town council;
  • Offer your help if appropriate.thinlglobalactlocal


Start like this:                                    Dear Mayor,

Close the letter saying:                     Sincerely

NB – Don’t forget to sign in legible way!


Read the following letter and find out why you wouldn’t like to write it.



Listen to him. Great way of summing up everything.


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