Adjectives for Mood, Personality & Character

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What are you like?personality adject

Describing character, personality or moods can be troublesome. To describe someone quite accurately you  need a wide range of adjectives.

First of all, we should note that character, personality and mood are slightly different things.

According to dictionaries, character means all the qualities and features that a person possesses while personality can refer to the combination of various aspects of a person’s character which allow him or her to be perceived as different from everyone else. Both are viewed as more permanent characteristics.personality

As for mood, it is something more transitory. It is the way you feel at a particular time.

mood adject

  1. Which of these would you consider character or mood adjectives? Can they be both?

Wordle on personality adjectives

2. Find adjectives in this cloud that match the following descriptions. There may be more than one answer.

Someone who…

  1.  can be trusted or depended on;
  2. is likely to forget things, especially because he is thinking about something else
  3.  never shuts up.
  4. relaxed and not easily upset, annoyed, or worried;
  5. has a natural ability to do one or more things extremely well;
  6. behaves in an unpleasant or rude way because s/he considers her/himself more important than other people;
  7. is bad-tempered and easily annoyed;
  8. cares only about her/himself and not about other people;
  9. moves in an awkward way and tends to make things fall over;
  10. is oversensitive and easily becomes offended or annoyed.

3. Find adjectives that use the following suffixes and add two examples of your own.

a) -y

b) -ible or -able

c) -ive

d) -ous

e) – ful

f) – ing

g) – ed

4. Find opposites for them.

5. Listen to this old song.

6. What is your best friend like? What qualities does (s)friendship_4he possess?

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