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Advertising is almost as old as humankind. From the ancient Egyptian papyrus messages to the current neon lights advertising has changed a lot. Yet, the goals are basically the same: to make you aware of a certain product, to remind you of its existence and lead you to some sort of action.



Advertising has a lot of influence upon our lives. Owing to that, we all should know a little about its techniques and tricks.

Wherever you find them and whatever the medium used advertising tends to make us move towards a final action  using four basic steps  known as AIDA. This acronym stands for attention or awareness, interest, desire and action which usually means acquiring the product, joining the organisation, etc.




How does this model apply to the ads or adverts we see in print or online?

Look at this this  online page. Words and images lead us to the same goal: the call to action button.



Print ads usually display four main elements: the headline, the illustration, the copy and the signature.

The signature usually consists of a logo,  a slogan or tagline and a contact.




Now try to find  the same elements in the following advert:




Is any of these elements missing?

  • Headline?
  • Illustration?
  • Copy?
  • Logo?
  • Slogan?
  • What about the strategy used here? Find your answer below.


To make you buy, marketeers use all sorts of strategies. Take a look at this list and try to identify some ads they may apply to.


If you want to create your own ad in four quick steps, follow this link and you’ll see an instant commercial:












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