Contrast and concessive connectors

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Expressing contrast and concession

Connectors are very important to make the texts we write more cohesive.

There are many different types, but today we are simply going to sonsider the ones used to express contrast or concession, that means when ideas seem to diverge.

Look at the list below:


They all introduce a note of  contrast and disagreement, but they have different ways of being used in the sentences. For example their placement may vary. Some are more often used at the beginning, some at the end and others in the middle.




Besides their position, they also require different types of completion. Note the differences in the explanation below:


Although / though / even though  (Port. embora) – need a full clause (subject + verb).

Despite /In spite of  (Port. apesar de) – take a Gerund (ing form) or noun

Despite the fact that… / In spite of the fact that …. – full clause (subject + verb)

Yet / Still /However / Nevertheless – (Port. porém, todavia, contudo, no entanto) –  need a comma (,) and come in the middle of two clauses.


Recalling last year’s presentation: 106_concessive_clauses_and_phrases


Shall we try a few exercises?

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Exercise 4



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