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the future3759210-people-are-going-to-a-direction--future

As you have already understood, there are different kinds of future and there also various ways of speaking about it.

Will Future is probably the best known, especially because it can be used in many different situations.

Which of these sentences match the uses listed in the picture?

simple future - will - post it

  • One day everyone will have chance to travel to Mars.
  • Are we having a test tomorrow? Gosh! I’ll have to stay up tonight!
  • I will never let this happen again.
  • Shall I answer the phone for you?
  • I promise I’ll never let you down again!

As for Going to Future, it can be used in two different situations:

  • plans or intentions
  • predictions with visible evidence

These pictures show it clearly:

i-m-going-to-be-a-rock-star...note-pad-105-paj will, going to (4)

Two more verb tenses can  used to express actions in the future: Present Continuous and Present Simple.

When? To talk about things that we have already arranged to do in the near future. There is often a referrence to the exact time and day.

present continuous-near future

Present Simple is mainly for timetables.futurelanding





Pink-Ask-a-Question-What-should-I-be-doing--Still any doubts?

Check the FUTURE  PPT presentation we saw in the class.

As an alternative, click on this ling and you have quite a lot of exercises to check your knowledge on the Future.


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