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Learn a foreign languagelingua_diferente_citacoes_da_vida_botao-rbdb96407e1124ae08a92ee9bc8be655c_x7j18_8byvr_324

What for? you might ask.

Well, there are plenty of reasons for you to learn a second or a third language.

By learning another language, you also learn about another culture, so you become more open-minded and more tolerant. However, learning a new language like English, for example, can bring you  a lot of advantages.

Check the ones listed below:


learning english




Which language is the most useful ?

It depends much on what you need the language for, but if you take the number of speakers into consideration, English is one of the most widely spoken languages. However,  if you are planning to travel abroad, imagine, to China, maybe you should learn a little Mandarin first.





Look at some curiosities.



  • Which language attracts you the most?
  • Which seems to be the easiest to learn?

If you really want to know which language you should learn, try this quiz and tell us the result.

Click here EUROTALK

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