Reported Speech

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When do we report what other people say?

Reporters and newsreaders often report what their interviewees and witnesses say or said. For secretaries  and receptionists this is also a common situation. Even if you don’t use this skill professionally, when we are on the phone or gossiping about a rumour we’ve heard, we are also reporting.

In any case people need to be as accurate as possible in terms of words, tenses, tone, details, etc.



What changes should we pay attention to? Look at the dialogue above.

  • reporting verb (ask, reply, told)
  • determiners and pronouns  (I – she/ me-him)
  • verb tenses (is-was)
  • time and place expressions (tonight-that night)
  • word order (in questions)


As for reporting verbs, we don’t have to stick to said, told and asked.We can choose many depending on the tone of the piece of speech we are rereporting.

Look at the situations below. which verbs would you use from this list.



  • …refused to do something?
  • …denied having committed a crime?
  • wondered about his future?
  • announced a recent event?
  • claimed he was going to quit his job?


As for verb tenses and place adverbials, look at the following grids.



reported speech ptc

If you want to revise the presentation we saw in the class, click here.

Reported Speech

Let’s try a few exercises now:






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