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Flying and exploring new worlds has always been part of our dreams as a species.Although we have already taken some important steps, we are still far from unraveling the mysteries of space.

  • Will we be able to make it to Mars and beyond ?
  • Will we be able to travel in space without the constraint of time or energy?
  • Will we find any other living beings in our galaxy? And what about the others we see through our telescopes?
  • Could there be more advanced civilizations in outer space?

To speak a bout all these matters we need very specific vocabulary. See if you can revise it by taking a look at these links.phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg

Click here for a revision with pictures.

Click here for a quiz on the topic.

If you need to revise the PPT you saw in the class, click here. How_much_do_YOU_know_about_SPACE1

It’s a well known fact that exploring space can be highly  expensive. At time like this, when economies are going through harsh times and people can barely earn enough to survive, governments are questioning whether they should invest a few more millions in their space programs. What’s your opinion? Is space exploration worth the effort?

Well, NASA is going to have its budget (orçamento) considerably reduced and that will cause major damage in its investigation programs.

Listen to Prof. Michio Kaku speak about his worries.


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