About Technology



Technology is everywhere. How much did it change our life? Have we become dependent on it?

Find out  by answering this quiz.

Technology dependence quiz

A different way to test your dependence is by checking how many different gadgets you use every day.

How dependent are you on machines?  Which of these machines do you  use in your daily routine?

  • the alarm clock
  • the electric bulb
  • the water heater/shower
  • the toaster
  • the mixer
  • the microwave
  • the cooker
  • the fridge
  • the  washing machine
  • the dishwasher
  • the lift
  • the car / bus
  • the bicycle / motorbike
  • the calculator
  • the GPS
  • the gas pump
  • the ATM
  • the cell phone / phone
  • the TV set
  • the CD/ DVD player
  • the tape recorder
  • the copier
  • the printer
  • the MP3 player/the iPod
  • the computer
  • the multimedia projector

Count how many machines you ticked and check the results of the survey:

Under 5 machines –   You could live in a primitive environment; you either suffer from an allergy to technology or you really don’t live in this world.

From 6 to 15  – You are moderately enthusiastic about technology; you use machines and gadgets when you feel they are really useful to you

Above 16   –  You’re madly in love with technology; you love topress buttons, click a mouse and be glued to a screen. You’d feel miserable if machines didn’t exist.

Now, tell us about your results. Send us a post telling us…

  • How many machines do you usually use on a regular day?

  • Could you live without them?
  • Are you addicted to machines and tecnology?
  • What are your conclusions?

Write a post telling us your view.


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